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"Global Intelligence Analyzer"

Open Intelligence Solution.

This project has been created by Roman Bobryshev and Rod Gurov. We started this project under Plan 9 / Inferno / PHP and PostgreSQL. Now we transferring this project on .NET.

We did not get financial support therefore we moving for open source development. But this project is really promising, and really complicated .

Instead of abandoning project we made decision to move in Open Source and on .NET platform.

Everyone welcome to participate. We know that this project so complicated that to work for this is real challenging pleasure. Architects, Developers, DB Dev's, Math modelers, Multithreads pro's, clouds pro's.
When you'll look in details you understood what is complicated !

On this page we publishing our presentation ( not whole, ) therefore you can build your impression.

* People Search.
* People connection.
* Background check.
* Crime Prevention.
* Social groups investigation.
* Marketing research.
* Social "danger situation" prevention.
* Building of maps for searching crime centers.
* Building "targeting marketing maps".
* Building social maps.
* Maps for relationships, dependencies, needs etc...

.............. and ............
Much ... Much more ... and this is on your own company.

Possible spheres of interests.

  1. Marketing.
  2. - Insurance.
  3. - Financing.
  4. - Banking.
  5. - Police.
  6. - Intelligence.
  7. - Security.
  8. - Sociology.
  9. - Medicine.
  10. - Statistic.
  11. - Real estate.
  12. .............. etc......................................................

This is couple samples of result.

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All this pictures just simple presentation of result some investigation. And provide impression just about one simple side of our project.

Here we building dependence of some social network , it can help to understand who is centers of those network.

Easy scaling. The initial orientation is for our application is to work under really high loads (high processing speed due to parallel's calculations.) Some parts of solution based on our know-how *.

2. In our solution you can easily extend possibilities , just add and configure new modules.

3. Platform independent. For some important reasons, we oriented our solution on open source platforms, but it can be easily implemented on commercial platforms.

4. Easy on resources. Based on flexibility and modulated structure your company can use this solution on small servers with low resources.

5. Integration with existing complexes.

6. Multivariate, dynamically change the course of search, analysis, presentation of results.

7. Ability to create templates to perform common operations
Creating, filling, connecting of thematic data used or required by customer

9. Very comfortable presentation of information in reports and schema for results analysis.

10. Ability to create a variety of independent back-end programs for the most accurate reproduction of the processed data (medical tomography, weather maps, electronic circuits, etc.)

11. Ability to use a single exchange protocols, like XML, etc.

12. Easy integration new sources of data (OCR, FACE RECOGNITION, RDIF, Weather condition, IP-traffic, road-traffic etc...)
Independent configuration of zones/regions in the computing environment, performing specific tasks (ie... area A is analyzing data of purchases at supermarkets, area B, lending to the public; region C, monitoring of the content the news / TV / network, domain D - is an aggregation to populate data from other regions, for example, to analyze the success of running the commercial for companies). Moreover, such zones may exist in a distributed network, and on a single node.

14. Based on schema Collection< -> Analysis< -> Introduction we can have possibility to integrate of new ( as many as required ) sub-levels of " Collection-Analysis-Introduction" models of an any levels of complication, but keeping simplicity of the high level module for data analysis.

Invitation of participation.

You are more then welcome to participate in development of this solution.

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